done at: Bär Tiger Wolf GmbH for DIFÄM
role: shading & lighting, compositing, camera, 3d animation, additional 2d animation
The development of a society is related to the health and rights of women and girls. Of these, Difäm is convinced to be an organization for worldwide Christian health work and promotes sustainable, equitable health care, especially for disadvantaged people and regions.
done by Michael Böttler
Text: Theo Eißler, Marc Böttler
Direction: Michael Böttler

Project management: Ulrike Schaal
Voice: Ute Piasetzki
Music and sounddesign: Gerd Böttler
Animation: Michael Böttler
additional Animation: Studio Seufz/Janina Putzker, Johannes Flick, Marc Böttler
Shading and compositing: Johannes Flick

© 2017 Bär Tiger Wolf

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