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my role: animation direction, concept and animation producing
A co-production of the international music festival Heidelberger Frühling with the PODIUM Festival Esslingen. "Szenen der Frühe" is a music theater performance about Robert Schumann. In close cooperation with the director Daniel Pfluger, BärTigerWolf conceived and created the animation part that goes deep into the bipolar world of the composer Schumann.

Bär Tiger Wolf blog post:  "Bär Tiger Wolf im Theater"  
Artistic director and Steven Walter about "Szenen der Frühe": DAS EINE IM ANDEREN

Story Development
Final RehearsAl at "Heidelberger Frühling" 2016
Premiere at "Heidelberger Frühling" 2016
Photos by Andrej Grilc

Photos by Studio Visuell
director: Daniel Pfluger
artistic director & music concept: Steven Walter
animation production: Bär Tiger Wolf GmbH

dramaturg: Michael Gassmann
costume design: Kerstin Grießhaber
assistent director: Xenia Raible

animation concept: Daniel Pfluger, Viktor Stickel, Johannes Flick
animation artists: Michael Böttler, Johannes Flick

 musicians: Jonian-Ilia Kadesha (violin), Byol Kang (violin), Nora R. Schwarzberg (viola),
Vashti Hunter (cello), Nicholas Rimmer (piano)
bariton: Sebastian Seitz

photo documantation: Studio Visuell & Andrej Grilc
video documantation:

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